Attracting Backyard Birds and Butterflies for Bird Watching

Attracting backyard birds and butterflies for bird watching Establishing a small wildlife sanctuary in your backyard will reward you by attracting a variety of birds and butterflies for you to enjoy viewing. Many will visit, and some may actually stay to nest and rear their young in your backyard. You will want to create a yard or garden that will attract birds and butterflies and make them feel at home. Not only will you develop a natural sanctuary for wildlife, but you will be able to create flower bouquets similar to those at ProFlowers with the plant life that grows in the sanctuary.

If birds and butterflies pass through your yard, but never seem to stay, it may be because your yard doesn’t provide a varied, long-term food supply. Birds that overwinter in your garden need to find food 365 days of the year. Small birds eat almost constantly during daylight hours in the winter. Migratory songbirds need large amounts of food for varying amounts of time, often just a day or two.

Creating a garden that welcomes songbirds, hummingbirds, and butterflies is a relatively simple task. It consists of supplying them with three basic requirements for survival: food, cover, and water. To birds and butterflies, the typical suburban landscape resembles an unfriendly desert. Close-cropped lawns, sheared foundation shrubs, and deadheaded flowers mean no place to nest, no food to eat, and nowhere to hide.

Fortunately, any landscape can become a haven for winged wildlife, and for the people who share it.

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