Providing Food Sources

Supplemental bird feeders and bird baths concentrate large numbers of birds where you can see and appreciate them. After gardening, wild bird feeding is the most popular hobby in North America. People of all ages are fascinated by watching birds at bird feeders.

A year-round feeding program will bring different species, as migratory birds pass through from north to south for winter, and south to north for the summer. The type of feed you use will depend upon the birds you wish to attract, and to discourage those you do not wish to attract.

Many excellent birdseed mixtures are available at garden centers, nurseries, and bird-feeding specialty shops. The style of feeding station will also encourage some and discourage some birds. Different elevations, environments, and openings are preferred by different species. You will attract the most birds by offering a variety of feeding spots, and types of feeders. Squirrel proof bird feeders are particularly nice, because they help save the bulk of the bird feed for the birds.

Just as important as a dependable source of food for winter birds is the availability of fresh water. When people are not watering lawns and gardens, a bird’s water supply diminishes critically. The importance of water is overlooked by most people interested in having birds in their back yards. In return for providing birds with food and water, you will reap the pleasure of their company.


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